Air Quality - Lesson 6 : What Has Been Done About Air Pollution?

Subject/Target Grade

Science/Middle School (7-9)


Two 45-50 minute periods – Classroom setting


per class

􀁶 An Introduction to Air Pollution History (teacher resource)

Download: An_Introduction_to_Air_Pollution_Teacher_Resource_ltSja7h.pdf

􀁶 Regulation of Air Pollution (transparency master)

Download: Regulation_of_Air_Pollution_Transparency_Master_iBsgi5b.pdf

􀁶 Michigan Stationary Source Emission Trends (transparency master)

Download: Michigan_Stationary_Source_Emission_Trends_Transparency_Master_KkBzCZm.pdf

􀁶 Cap and Trade Game (teacher resource)

Download: Cap_and_Trade_Game_Teacher_Resource_ZBKFD9Z.pdf

􀁶 Is the Acid Rain Program Working? (transparency master)

Download: Is_the_Acid_Rain_Program_Working_Transparency_Master_spsWUce.pdf


􀁶 red cabbage

􀁶 water

􀁶 rain water or melted snow

􀁶 vinegar

􀁶 baking soda

􀁶 pennies older than 1983

per small group

􀁶 Cap and Trade Cards (student activity)

Download: Cap_and_Trade_Game_Cards_Student_Activity_ItXlMuA.pdf

􀁶 Acid Rain Game (student activity)

Download: The_Acid_Rain_Game_oTXUgTp.pdf

􀁶 one die for Acid Rain Game

per student

􀁶 Winds of Change (student resource)

Download: Winds_of_Change_Student_Resource__Activity_uVKhWno.pdf

Download: Winds_of_Change_Answer_Key.pdf

􀁶 Acid Deposition (student resource)

Download: Acid_Deposition_Student_Resource_u2oD8WU.pdf

􀁶 The Saga of Thomas J. Midgley, Jr. (student assessment)

Download: The_Saga_of_Thomas_Midgley_Jr._Student_Assessment_hPP1058.pdf

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