Air Quality - Lesson 6 : What Has Been Done About Air Pollution?

In this lesson, students explore the role of regulations in influencing air quality decisions as they examine trends

in air pollution. The students are encouraged to think critically about important technological developments that

have influenced the lives of individuals since the start of the twentieth century. Students analyze changes in levels

of pollutants and draw conclusions about air pollution levels. Acid deposition is presented as a case study. In an

enhancement, they study the design of air pollution control devices and select air pollution control equipment to reduce

air emissions.

Students answer these two essential questions: How has the problem of air pollution affected us over time?

How have the present day controls influenced the air quality in Michigan?

Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations

Grade 6-7 Science:

􀁶 Describe how science and technology have advanced because of the contributions of

many people throughout history and across cultures. S.RS.06.19

􀁶 Describe the origins of pollution in the atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere and how

pollution impacts habitats, climatic change, threatens or endangers species. E.ES.07.42

HS Earth Science:

􀁶 Analyze how science and society interact from a historical, political, economic, or social perspective. E1.2k

HS Chemistry:

􀁶 Predict products of an acid-based neutralization. C5.7B

􀁶 Explain why sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides contribute to acid rain. C5.7H

Grade 6-8 Social Studies:

􀁶 Use historical perspective to analyze global issues faced by humans long ago and today. 6 - H1.4.3

􀁶 Explain that communities are affected positively or negatively by changes in technology. 6 - G2.2.2

􀁶 Explain the challenges to governments and the cooperation needed to address international

issues in the Western Hemisphere. 6 - C4.3.2

􀁶 Explain why and how historians use eras and periods as constructs to organize and explain

human activities over time. 7 - H1.1.1

􀁶 Identify the role of the individual in history and the significance of one person’s ideas. 7 - H1.2.6

􀁶 Explain how governments address national issues and form policies, and how the policies

may not be consistent with those of other countries. 7 - C4.3.1

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