Air Quality - Lesson 6 : What Has Been Done About Air Pollution?

1. Pollution control equipment is standard for major sources of air pollution. Students study the design of air pollution control devices in an enhancement lesson found on the MEECS Air Quality CD. They can research how much air pollution control equipment costs, including maintenance and energy costs. If possible, invite someone from a local power plant to explain the controls needed if the plant is burning coal.

2. Actual air permits can be obtained from the Department of Environmental Quality under the Freedom of Information Act. Students can compare permits for different types of industries. Follow up with an invitation to a representative from industry to discuss their air permits and air pollution control devices.

3. Have students search the Internet for case studies of companies that have reduced their emissions either by pollution prevention or changes in their air pollution control systems.

4. Engage the students in a Project A.I.R.E. activity found on the Air Quality Unit CD. Suggested activities that link with this lesson are Project A.I.R.E. Activity 17: The Business of Clean Air; Activity 18: Air Pollution Allowance Trading; Activity 19: The Cost of Polluting; Activity 20: Writing Environmental Laws; and Warm-Up Activities: Scales, Rules, Policy Standards, and Science.

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