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Dynamic Earth: Volcano Alert with Lego We-Do

Dynamic Earth: Volcano Alert with Lego We-Do


In this lesson students will see how volcanoes as they relate to deposition work to continually change the surface of our planet.  This lesson provides visual evidence of changes that the earth undergoes in area where volcanic activity is prevalent.  Students will acquire knowledge to understand what volcanoes are, how they form, and the differnt careers that participate in creating safety precautions before volcanic activity. Students will build and program a safety device that simulates a volcano activity. This lesson can be used to supplement Unit 3 Overview Dynanic Earth: Shaping the Land, Learning Set 5.  


Types Volcanoes


Discuss and detail with students what is a volcano? Who can describe one for me? (Lead students to the idea that a volcano is a place where material from the inside of the Earth is escaping to the surface.)  Connecting this lesson the Dynamic Earth Section 5 will supplement and assist with building knowledge of  "What is changing right now in an amazing place, and can we predict the future?  The simulators for this task will demonstrate basic parts of a volcano, types of eruptions and different shapes of volcanoes and the changes that occur in areas where volcanoes exist.  

You will investigate the processes that build volcanoes, (the factors that influence different eruption types, and the threats volcanoes pose to their surrounding communities. Then use what you have learned to identify physical features and eruption types of several actual volcanic episodes.

Exploring Volcano

Students will benefit from the opportunity to reflect upon what they have learned about volcanoes and careers that are impacted by them it would be beneficial to tie the next task with a safety check list.  This list will require the students to study the different types of volcanoes, the formation of volcanoes, and the different careers that participate in using data to create safety precautions.

To understand volcanoes Scientist explore what is inside the Earth.  Volcanologists train to monitor volcanoes and conduct scientific studies that assist other professional to make sure communities around volcano are resilient to eruptions. Careers such as  emergency managers, land-use managers, planners who maintain and exercise community safety plans and park rangers and interpreters manage and interpret volcano landscapes for visitors.  As a group in this task you will create a safety check list that includes safety precautions for a community locate next a volcano.  

Create and Test Phase

Students will use the Lego We.Do 2 set to build and program a device that will provide information about volcanic activity.  Students will follow the link to the Lego website and follow directions to complete this task.  Students should focus on the formation of the volcano and the changing that happens after an eruption to connect all changes to land, rocks, soil, and plants present in the Dynamic Earth Shaping the Land, Learning Set 5.  


Your task is build a device that will give scientists information about volcanic activity. The resource provided will take you to the Lego website and give detailed instructions on how to use the Lego We-Do 2 set to build and program a device that simulate an alert system to signal the possiblity of a volcano  erupting.  

Lego We-Do Volcano Alarm