MI Open Books have been written and created by Michigan teachers as part of the TRIG grant.  During the 2014-15 School Year, 4 titles were released.  During the 2015-16 school year, we are developing titles for 3rd Grade Michigan Studies, 7th Grade Ancient World, 8th Grade United States, HS United States, and HS Civics. The MI Open Book resources listed below are all in PDF format. To access the digial source files that will allow you to revise and remix the content, please visit the MI Open Book Project site here. In order to access the source files you will have to verify that you have participated in a brief course on copyright through EduPaths as well as complete a form that tells the EduPaths team the name of your district, the device on which you will be editing the source files, and what device students will use to access materials. When downloading the source files please know that these are large zipped files (can be 1 GB or larger) which contain editable PDFs, Word documents, iBooks Author files (.iba) and widget source files (hype format).

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GIANTS Support Materials

Created with support from Ottawa Area ISD, these resources provide added support for teachers using the Mi Open Books.

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