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The Regional Educational Media Center Association of Michigan is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1969. Its members are the 28 local regional educational media centers operated through the intermediate school district structure.

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REMC SAVE is a service of the REMC Association of Michigan for all Michigan schools. REMC SAVE provides large volume contracts for a huge variety of educational resources that "touch" the classroom. Michigan schools using REMC SAVE have saved a billion dollars since 1990.  Every dollar saved is one more dollar invested in our students. 

The following agencies are eligible to purchase using the REMC SAVE contracts:

  • PreK-12 Public, Charter (PSA) and Non-Public Schools
  • Community Colleges, Universities and Colleges
  • Public Libraries
  • Museums
  • State, County, and Local Government Agencies
  • Educational Non-profit Organizations
  • Health Care Facilities

Bids completed by REMC SAVE are compliant with the Michigan Revised School Code, allowing schools to buy without bidding.


MI Streamnet

MI Streamnet is a free educational streaming system offering live statewide workshops and training sessions to your desktop. Teachers and students alike can access enriched and enhanced educational experiences, and districts can also upload their own, locally produced content to share statewide.  ISDs, local districts and educational non-profits can use MI Streamnet to house content under their own unique channel.

About REMC


The REMC Association of Michigan believes that it must provide proactive leadership to the Michigan educational community by participating with other organizations in building a vision that supports quality teaching and learning and provides equity to Michigan's pre-K-12 students.

The REMC Association of Michigan will accomplish this within the framework of the following principles:

  • Improve learning for all students.
  • Support constituents and improve teaching and learning statewide through future-focused collaboration, leadership and service.
  • Empower teachers to create high quality, engaging instructional environments when they have access to the necessary skills, tools and rich sources of information.
  • Provide effective cost savings through statewide cooperative purchasing, which allows local resources to be reallocated to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Advance statewide connectivity through delivery systems and infrastructure.

To learn more about REMC Association services and resources, use this CONTACT FORM from the REMC Association website.