Minecraft: Education Edition Educator Academy

by Amanda Stoel 5 years, 5 months ago

Hi M:EE PLC!  
I am currently with the Oakland Schools Participants at the M:EE Educator Academy Playing, Crafting, and Learning.  We will be traveling the state this week to train up as many M:EE Champions as we can.  Please share with us your

  • Favorit part of training
  • Most challenging part of training
  • What else you would like to learn


Rebekah Gute 5 years, 5 months ago

I loved the activity cards!


The most challenging part is figuring out how this will fit into my current curriculum.


I would love to come back after a couple of months teaching Minecraft and be able to discuss questions and new problems.

Amanda Stoel 5 years, 5 months ago

Hi Rebekah, 

Thanks you for your response.  I too loved the activity cards.  It was a great task to start building and crafting in Minecraft.  I think that many are having the same challenge.  Which is why it is so great that we have this space to connect and share ideas.  

I love your idea to come back in a couple of months of teaching and discuss questions and new problems.  Matt Hawkins will be facilitating the Michigan Minecraft: Educaton Edition PLC and can help to keep those questions and answers available to everyone.  We are also exploring other training options for this Spring.  That would be a good time to build in an opportunity to discuss questions and new problems too.  I will keep this on my radar for planning.  Thanks