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Costa Rica

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This is a pre-teaching Costa Rica quick unit. I used this to teach students about Costa Rica before reading the short novel "Robo en la Noche." It includes information as well as interactive activities.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson, Reading

Author: Allison Djoko

Public Service Announcements

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First grade students will be immersed in three different public service announcements. This immersion will help them understand the characteristics of a PSA. After a discussion, the students will create one on either internet safety or being a good digital citizen.

Material Type: Lesson

Author: Elana Waugh

06e. How a Bill Becomes a Law

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Creating legislation is what the business of Congress is all about. Ideas for laws come from many places — ordinary citizens, the president, offices of the executive branch, state legislatures and governors, congressional staff, and of course the members of Congress themselves.

Material Type: Diagram/Illustration, Reading