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Costa Rica

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This is a pre-teaching Costa Rica quick unit. I used this to teach students about Costa Rica before reading the short novel "Robo en la Noche." It includes information as well as interactive activities.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson, Reading

Author: Allison Djoko

Public Service Announcements

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First grade students will be immersed in three different public service announcements. This immersion will help them understand the characteristics of a PSA. After a discussion, the students will create one on either internet safety or being a good digital citizen.

Material Type: Lesson

Author: Elana Waugh

Ancient Civilizations Roadmap Collaborative Activities View (revised)

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This particular roadmap features all of the COLLABORATIVE designed activities for the "Ancient Civilizations Roadmap Unit View (revised)" resource. You could distribute this roadmap to students for work that they complete synchronously with partner(s) as part of their learning path in the unit map.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment, Interactive, Lesson Plan, Reading, Teaching/Learning Strategy, Unit of Study

Author: Puja Mullins

Ancient Civilizations Roadmap Unit View (revised)

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Compare and contrast writing for English Learners using social studies content. Scaffolds include multimedia support, partner work, jigsaw protocol and sentence frames. This roadmap presents the UNIT view (including solo and collaborative tasks). There are two additional roadmaps for distribution that would be helpful when teaching the unit - Ancient Civilizations Roadmap- Solo Activities + Ancient Civilizations Roadmap- Collaborative Activities.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Interactive, Lesson Plan, Reading, Teaching/Learning Strategy, Unit of Study

Author: Puja Mullins

06e. How a Bill Becomes a Law

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Creating legislation is what the business of Congress is all about. Ideas for laws come from many places — ordinary citizens, the president, offices of the executive branch, state legislatures and governors, congressional staff, and of course the members of Congress themselves.

Material Type: Diagram/Illustration, Reading

Protein Synthesis

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Overview: Students will explore protein synthesis through several resources, and compare it to DNA replication. This resource assumes that students understand DNA synthesis.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment, Interactive, Lesson, Lesson Plan, Reading, Simulation

Author: Sydney Erin Barosko