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Elliot Soloway 3 years, 9 months ago

Comments on Roadmap: Michigan Social Studies Giants Grade 3 Introduction Unit 1

Submitted by: Monique Coulman

Reviewed by: Cathie Norris & Elliot Soloway, 12/27/18

Excellent use of OER! The Google slides are really well done. They provide the basis for this Roadmap. No reason to recreate curricular resources when there are resources out there! Since this Roadmap is going to be “published” on an OER website, going back and getting permission to do that is a pain – but necessary. Well done!

The Roadmap is done by individual students – but there are instructions to “turn and talk” – that is, collaborate. Clever way to integrate solo work with collaboration. 

Question: do you want the students in Town 3 to return to the Collabrify Writer file they created in Town 2? If so, use the “copy” command to duplicate the node from Town 2 – and use that node after Town 3.

One small issue: in last slide of Town 2, there are some pedagogical suggestions that probably could be lifted out and put into a “Teacher Narrative” node. 

A really good lesson that exploits the power of OER! We look forward to lessons that make up the unit!

Monique Coulman 3 years, 8 months ago

I have removed the teacher notes in the presentation and added the teachers guide to the lesson.  I also added a few other resources for the unit. I changed the title due to combining different resources to create the unit.