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Human Impact on the Environment

by Jill Scheurer 3 years, 9 months ago

I would love some feedback on my roadmap.




Elliot Soloway 3 years, 9 months ago

Comments on Roadmap: Human Impact on the Environment

Submitted by: Jill Scheurer

Reviewed by: Cathie Norris & Elliot Soloway, 12/18/18


1.       We learned a lot about the human impact on our environment from this Roadmap!

2.       Perhaps in the teacher narrative node, directions about how much time will be needed to do this Roadmap – and how the “final project” insert should be used. Indeed, should that “final project” be a separate Roadmap? It would need to be a separate Roadmap if the intent is to have students collaborate synchronously, working within the same file (e.g., 4 students working together within the same file). The rest of the Roadmap are “solo” activities, the KWL, the Writer, etc. Currently a Roadmap is solo or collaborative, not individual learning activities.