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Next Challenge: Roadmap UNITS

by Elliot Soloway 3 years, 8 months ago

Roadmappers! All y’all should be finalizing your Roadmaps for submission to GoOpen. YAY! Cathie and I have posted public comments so in your copious spare time you might see what we said about your colleagues’ Roadmaps.

But now for the next challenge: Roadmap UNITS – sequences of lesson Roadmaps that form a larger curricular chunk. Roadmapper Monique Coulman has created an cool (sorry) example for 3rd grade: Informational/Explanatory Writing – it is a 4 week unit all in 1 Roadmap. Check it out, please:



What do you think about Roadmap Units? Good idea?

Should they be multiple Roadmaps? For example, check out the 3 Roadmaps about electrical circuits.




Any other issues with respect to Roadmap Units that you feel need to be discussed?

Add your replies; I will “moderate” the conversation.

Thank you!

Stay Warm,

Roadmapper Elliot

Puja Mullins 3 years, 8 months ago

I think there is validity and benefit to both options. Having all of the lessons within a unit in one roadmap provides everything at your fingertips (at least for the teacher). On the other hand, it could get visually overwhelming for students to work through so many nodes on so many separate "lessons". Having multiple roadmaps could separate the sequence a bit and make it visually accessible, but you risk missing the "big picture" or the unit arc that's critical for adjusting planning and instruction.

If only we could have a "unit" roadmap with live links within it to take folks to "lesson" roadmaps ;) Also, I think we need to think about naming conventions more critically if we go this route, so anyone doing a search could easily locate ALL the categorized roadmaps.

Elliot Soloway 3 years, 8 months ago

Good points, Pula!  Thank you for your input! 

1. we COULD have a hierarchy of Roadmaps -- one Roadmap "calling" another. so the TOP LEVEL Roadmap is the Unit. But, would that get too complicated for the younger crowd?  We SHOULD have hierarchy - if someone wants to use it - then use. It's on the list! 

2. YES, we need better naming conventions! The Legend is a beginning. But we need more.  Maybe at our next meeting we can have an explicit session about naming conventions, e.g., should EACH node be titled with a question? should ALL arcs be named or numbered? (The word "all" is off course, impossible... there will ALLways be exceptions... chortle, chortle)

3. The power of the visual nature of the Roadmaps is valuable - one can see where one has been and where one is going. But if the future is too far away... 

More comments, please!


Jill Scheurer 3 years, 7 months ago

I really like the idea of having a main roadmap that links the other roadmaps or "calls" to another smaller roadmap if you are exploring the Unit Roadmap. Or could you "collapse" the smaller roadmaps so not to overwhelm the viewer visually?