Air Quality Unit - Lesson 1 : What Gets Into the Air?

Subject/Target Grade

Science and Social Studies/ Middle School (7-9)


45 minutes – Classroom setting Materials

per class

·         clear 2-L pop bottle

·         spray bottle with water

·         dust, talcum powder

·         aromatic substances such as onion, lemon, apple vanilla extract

·         air freshener

·         3-4 tea candles or a pillar candle for demonstrations (the candle must fit under the 500ml beaker)

·         500-mL beaker for demonstrations

·          matches

·         overhead projector

·         100 mL limewater (calcium hydroxide saturated, 1.0g/100ml)

·         bottle cap to hold limewater

·         straw

·         cobalt chloride paper

·          Danger in a Cave (teacher resource)

·         Models of Atoms (transparency master, cut)

·          Models of Molecules: Reactants

(transparency master)

·         Models of Molecules: Products (transparency master)

per small group

·         small tea or pillar candle

·         aluminum foil or pie pan

·         500-mL beaker

·         molecular models (make your own using Models of Atoms student resource or use purchased kits)

·         envelope, if paper models are used

·         scissors, if paper models are used

per student

·         safety glasses

·         Burning Questions (student activity) 

Download: Burning_Question_Student_Activity.pdf

·          Candles and Air Pollution (student activity)

Download: Candles_and_Air_Pollution_Student_Activity.pdf

·         Models of Atoms (Student Resource) 

Download: Models_of_Atoms_Student_Resource.pdf

·         Models of Atoms (Teacher Resource) 

Download: Models_of_Atoms_Teacher_Resource.pdf

·         MDEQ pamphlet Burning Household Waste

·         Burning Questions at Home (home activity)

Download: Dangers_in_the_Cave_Student_Resource_rLW3pI2.pdf

(on MEECS Air Quality CD)

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