Climate Change Lesson 3 : The Greenhouse Effect

A series of activities and understanding of the greenhouse effect and the enhanced greenhouse effect, including the types and sources of greenhouse gases using readings and diagrams.

Students will answer these essential questions:

What is the greenhouse effect? 

The enhanced greenhouse effect?

What are the main greenhouse gases and sources, and how do their heat trapping mechanisms vary?

Subject/Target Grade

Science/Middle School and High School


One 45-50 minute period – Classroom setting


From MEECS Climate Change Resource DVD

Earth’s Greenhouse Effect (QuickTime Movie - 3:29 minutes) 


Earth’s Greenhouse Effect (PowerPoint) 

Download: The_Greenhouse_Effect_PowerPoint.pptx

per class

Earth’s Greenhouse Effect (answer key) 

Download: Earths_Greenhouse_Effect_Answer_Key.pdf

Michigan Greenhouse Gases per Sector in Michigan (transparency master) 

Download: Michigan_Greenhouse_Gases_Transparency_Master.pdf

Sources of Greenhouse Gases (answer key) 

Download: Sources_of_Greenhouse_Gases_based_on_the_Michigans_Greenhouse_Gas_Inventory_Answer_Key.pdf

per student

Greenhouse Gases (student resource) 

Download: Greenhouse_Gases_Student_Resource.pdf

Earth’s Greenhouse Effect (student activity) 

Download: Earths_Greenhouse_Effect_Student_Activity.pdf

Sources of Greenhouse Gases (student activity) 

Download: Sources_of_Greenhouse_Gases_based_on_the_Michigans_Greenhouse_Gas_Inventory_Student_Activity.pdf

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