Air Quality - Lesson 5: How Can We Tell What the Quality of the Air Is Today?

Subject/Target Grade

Science/Middle School (7-9)


Two 45-50 minute periods – Classroom and computer lab


per class

• construction paper (green, yellow, orange, red, purple)

• computers with Internet access, PowerPoint projection system

• Accessing Air Quality Data from MDEQ and U.S. EPA (teacher resource)

Download: Accessing_Air_Quality_Data_from_MDEQ__US_EPA_Teacher_Resource_VWe68Ie.pdf

• Interpreting the AQI (answer key)

Download: Interpreting_the_AQI_Answer_Key_fvfa302.pdf

• Interpreting the UV Index (answer key)

Download: Interpreting_the_UV_Index_Answer_Key_OZX0x4d.pdf

• Patterns of Particle Pollution and Ozone (answer key)

Download: Patterns_of_Particle_Pollution__Ozone_Answer_Key_dQQZG0i.pdf

• Particle Episode January 31 – February 6, 2005 (teacher resource)

Download: Particle_Episode_January_31_-_February_6_2005_Teacher_Resource_DLrhYiy.pdf

• National Ambient Air Quality Standards (teacher resource)

Download: National_Ambient_Air_Quality_Standards_Teacher_Resource_dTtfvj8.pdf

• Air Pollution—Michigan PowerPoint on the MEECS Air Quality CD

Download: Air_Pollution_in_Michigan_PowerPoint_We1Oyj9.ppt

per student

• The Air Quality Index (student resource)

Download: The_Air_Quality_Index_Student_Resource_OsNVAKi.pdf

• What Is your AQI? (student activity)

Download: What_is_Your_AQI_Student_Activity_tVZd7Oq.pdf

• Patterns of Particle Pollution and Ozone (student activity)

Download: Patterns_of_Particle_Pollution__Ozone_Student_Activity__Resource_RRA5o7a.pdf

• Exploring the AQI (student assessment) optional or extension materials:

Download: Exploring_the_AQI_Student_Assessment_gBpcJNE.pdf

• Interpreting the AQI (student activity)

Download: Interpreting_the_AQI_Student_Activity_DQyd8gi.pdf

• Patterns of Particle Pollution and Ozone (student resource)*

Download: Patterns_of_Particle_Pollution__Ozone_Student_Activity__Resource_hm66BKn.pdf

• Tracking the AQI (student activity)

Download: Tracking_the_AQI_Student_Activity_PTAkAME.pdf

• Weather Conditions and the Ozone Air Quality Index (AQI) for an Ozone Episode (student resource)*

Download: Weather_Conditions__Ozone_AQI_for_an_Ozone_Episode_Student_Resource_PD0JR0e.pdf

• The AQI and Weather (student activity)

Download: The_AQI__Weather_Student_Activity_7Eta93n.pdf

• The Ozone Layer and the UV Index (student resource)

Download: The_Ozone_Layer__the_UV_Index_Student_Resource.pdf

• Tracking the UV Index (student activity)

Download: Tracking_the_UV_Index_Student_Activity.pdf

• Interpreting the UV Index (student activity)

Download: Interpreting_the_UV_Index_Student_Activity_5yf4n6V.pdf

*Resources if Internet access is not available.

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