Climate Change Lesson 1 : What Is Climate?

Students will be able to:

1. Identify the difference between weather and climate.

2. Define the terms weather, climate, global warming, climate change and global change.

3. Interpret information from a climagraph.

4. Describe Climate Variability.

Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations

Grade 6-7 Science:

• Analyze information from data tables and graphs to answer scientific questions. S.IA.06.11, S.IA.07.11

• Compare and contrast the difference and relationship between climate and weather. E.ES.07.71

HS Earth Science:

• Describe the difference between weather and climate. E4.p2B

Grade 6-8 Social Studies:

• Construct and analyze climate graphs for two locations at different latitudes and elevations in the region to answer geographic questions and make predictions based on patterns. 6-G3.1.1

Climate Literacy Principles

• #4. Climate varies over space and time through both natural and man-made processes

• #5. Our understanding of the climate system is improved through observations, theoretical studies, and modeling.

• #6. Human activities are impacting the climate system.

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