Climate Change Lesson 1 : What Is Climate?

1. If using the PowerPoint for this lesson, review to check formatting on your computer. It might be necessary to change font or font size to appear correctly on your computer. To use as a classroom presentation, appropriate slide numbers are indicated in parentheses under Procedures. Some slides may be used to print color transparencies.

2. Cut apart a class set (one per pair of students) of the Weather or Climate Cards (student activity). Put each set in an envelope.

3. Create transparency masters: Climagraph Example (teacher resource), Michigan Temperature Variability, Midland Precipitation, and What is the Difference?

4. Copy Weather or Climate (student activity) for each pair of students.

5. Copy Midland Precipitation, Making a Climagraph, and Climates and Places (student activities) for each student.

6. Be sure to have internet access to view video.

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