Climate Change Lesson 1 : What Is Climate?

1. Climate across the United States. Directions and materials for this activity can be found on the MEECS Climate Change Resource DVD. Students will look at and evaluate data and graphs depicting long-term climate trends extending sixty years to see what this information indicates about climate and climate change in the United States.

2. The Michigan State Climatologist’s office has a link to 30-year climate summaries for each of the counties on the Michigan Map at Students could compare climate information from weather stations throughout Michigan.

3. As part of Earth Labs, students can generate and view maps of the annual average temperature and precipitation throughout the United States at the CLIMAPS site. See

4. If students have access to computers, they can complete the NCDC Webquest located on the MEECS Climate Change Resource DVD to learn to use the U.S. Climate at a Glance website at the National Climate Date Center found at

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