Climate Change Lesson 13 : Community Conversation

Students participate in a class-wide dialogue after conducting research on one of many Michigan personas about their views and solutions to climate change.

Students will answer these essential questions:

What are the social, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change in Michigan? 

How could climate change affect Michigan citizens differently?

Subject/Target Grade

Science and Social Studies/ Middle School and High School


20 minutes – Classroom setting – parts 1-3 1-2 class sessions (45-50 minutes) – Classroom setting – parts 4 & 5 (one week after initial class period)


From MEECS Climate Change Resource DVD

Dialogue Preparation: Dialogue, Debate, & Careful Listening (student resource) 

Download: Dialogue_Preparation-_Dialogue_Debate__Careful_Listening_Student_Resource.docx

Community Conversation Cards 

Download: Community_Conversation_Cards_Teacher_Resource.pdf

Revolving Conversation Guidelines (Teacher Resource) 

Download: Revolving_Conversation_Guidelines_Teacher_Resource.docx

Student Participation Rubric (teacher resource) 

Download: Student_Participation_Rubric_Teacher_Resource.docx

per class

Some Effects of Climate Change in Michigan (teacher resource) 

Download: Some_Effects_of_Climate_Change_in_Michigan_Teacher_Resource.pdf

per student

Before-the- Conversation (student activity) 

Download: Before_the_Conversation_Student_Activity.pdf

After-the- Conversation (student activity) 

Download: After_the_Conversation_Student_Activity.pdf

Community Conversation Cards (student resource) 

Download: Community_Conversation_Cards_Teacher_Resource_uWl9phm.pdf

What’s the Impact? (student activity) 

Download: Whats_the_Impact_Student_Activity.pdf

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